Essential Brakhage – Selected writings on filmmaking – Temporarly Out of Stock

Stan Brakhage


Nicht vorrätig

  • McPherson & Company
  • 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0929701646
  • 21 × 14.2 × 2 cm

In the course of making nearly 400 films over the past 50 years, Stan Brakhage became synonymous with independent American filmmaking, particularly its avant-garde component. This major collection of writings draws primarily upon two long out-of-print books – Metaphors on Vision and Brakhage Scrapbook. Brakhage examines filmmaking in relation to social and professional contexts, the nature of influence and collaboration, the aesthetics of personal experience, and the conditions under which various films were made. Brakhage discusses his predecessors and contemporaries, relates film to dance and poetry, and in A Moving Picture Giving and Taking Book provides a manual for the novice filmmaker. Lectures, interviews, essays, and manifestos document Brakhage’s personal vision and public persona.

„It is the immense achievement od Stan Brakhage … to make stand, move, and shine before us some of the other options of film as art. With Brakhage, film perpetually returns to its origins, perpetually renews itself in the sheer possibilities of engaging real time with the structures and rhythms of light, color, shape, resemblance, and the erasure of those things as well into the frightening, restorative darkness.“ – Robert Kelly