One flower, one leaf#5 – Amsterdam – Photo Edition

Martina della Valle


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  • 2018
  • Photo edition, 50 copies
  • 16 ink-jet prints on fine-art paper size A5
  • 23 x 16 cm

In nature “the same flower never blooms twice
and humans never encounter flowers
under the same conditions.
Ikebana binds these two evanescent factors together.”
(Teshigahara Sofu)


“One flower, One leaf” is an ongoing archive of still-life. The images of the project are the result of workshops held in different cities to investigate the ruderal green.
Through the still-life images, the investigation attempts to observe the rich diversity of spontaneous plants in underrated urban areas. The comparison between the results in each urban landscape, underline seasonal and site-specific differences, and helps to reconstruct the paths of their proliferation.
The archive of images of each episode create a very specific portrait of the city in a particular time of the year.

“One flower, One leaf” call people to be active part of the project and focus their attention on underestimated green areas and to create compositions to be photographed, using spontaneous vegetation and being inspired by the principles of Ikebana.
The work during the laboratory unfolds in the city landscape, with a field trip to a selected area to collect fragments of spontaneous vegetation (plants, branches, flowers, etc.). Through the research proposed in Martina della Valle’s practice, the experience tackle themes such as: the study of landscape residual areas, the traces of human intervention on urban vegetation, the notions of time and emptiness through a process of de-contextualization.

Project realized in collaboration with Rie Ono and Satoko Hatayama

Until now the project took place at:

One flower, one leaf #1
24,25|09|2016 -Dryphoto arte contemporanea, Prato (IT)

One flower, one leaf #2
03|12|2016 -MAXXI Museum, Rome (IT)

One flower, one leaf #3
19,20|06|2017 -AR/GE Kunst, Bolzano (IT)

One flower, one leaf #4
20-21|01|2018 – Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, (Sweden)

One flower, one leaf #5
18|09|2018 – UNSEEN Amsterdam, (NL)


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