The Art of Plants – A Reading Collage in Cooperation with the Perennial Institute

This reading evening is organised as a joint venture between the Perennial Institute and Zabriskie Buchladen. Together with the participants of the preceding Perennial Institute workshop week, we read a selection of excerpts from books and publications in which the plant world is explored. Authors include Andrea Wulf, Masanobu Fukuoka, Donna Haraway, Gilles Clément, Rebecca Solnit, Nan Shepherd and Thor Hanson. Admission is free, the readings start at 6pm. Join us for a glass of wine!

The Perennial Institute is an experimental educational program created to explore the boundaries of art and design practice through the lens of plants. The Perennial Institute was founded by artists and designers Jai McKenzie and Julka Almquist.

Plants play an important role in human experience, history and our shared future – they feed us, heal us, and give us life. Perennial Institute explores how creative thinkers can deepen connections with this important resource, and expand the creative practice. Plants are our overlooked teachers, and by spending time with them, listening to them, and exploring their possibilities, we can grow together, for a better future.

The program brings together creatives, cooks, scientists, foragers, herbalists and more in the pursuit of experiences, knowledge, experimental practices and new awareness. (The summer education program will take place in Berlin from August 19-25, 2018.)


Perennial Institute Program:

Monday, August 20

Sensory Tuning Day
Forest and Garden Exploration
Scent Distillation with Scent Club Berlin

Tuesday, August 21

Foraging Day
Foraging with Andrew Rewald
Foraged Arrangements at
Contemporary Food Lab

Wednesday, August 22

Berlin Botanical Garden Day
Floriography with Lilia Luganskaia
Drawing with Shota Nakamura

Thursday, August 23

Arranging Day
Composing with Plants: An
Ikebana Inspired Experience with
Martina Della Valle and Satoko Hatayama

Friday, August 24

Making Day
Creating Pieces/Performances
for an Experimental Exhibition in Berlin

Saturday, 25 August

A Day of Experiments
Exhibition Experiments throughout Berlin
Final Reading + Discussion at Zabriskie Bookstore

The Perennial Institute was cofounded by: Jai McKenzie and Julka Almquist.