Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #7: Decolonizing Nature by T.J. Demos

Event finishedTuesday, Jan 1, 2013 at 9:00 AM
Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #7: Decolonizing Nature by T.J. Demos

At this ‚reading-together’ session, we will spend time with an analytical text by T.J. Demos: ‚Decolonizing Nature – Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology’

Chapter 6 ‘Decolonizing Nature’.

Images: Paulo Tavares, still from Non-Human Rights, 2012: evidence of spilled Texaco oil in the Ecuadorian Amazon

“Decolonizing Nature presents a timely critical analysis of the parameters and limitations of philosophical artistic and curatorial models responding to anthropogenic climate change. Rich and informative the book makes an impassioned argument for a post-anthropocentric political ecology

in which the aesthetic realm enjoins with Indigenous philosophies and environmental activism to challenge the neoliberal corporate-state complex. It invites us to confront tough questions on how we might collectively reimagine and realize environmental justice for humans and nonhumans alike.”

—Jean Fisher, Emeritus Professor in Fine Art and Transcultural Studies, Middlesex University

Please rsvp via email to and we will send a selection from the book to those who would like to attend the reading group. We will read passages of chapter 6 together in the light of limits to growth, post-natural conditions, and non-human agencies and will discuss what it means to us in our globalized word.

This will be the third Reading Club on ‘Decolonizing Nature’. If you would therefore like to have your own copy, you can order it here (only few copies are in store, so please use the online order service):

Come and join us with an open mind here:

What: The Reading Club is in English language

Where: Manteuffelstr. 73, 10999 Berlin at Zabriskie book shop

When: Wednesday 14th of February 2018, 19.30 (sharp!)

Who: small group of lovely, people who would like to meet you (rsvp only, not suitable for children)

Why: to read, be inspired and discuss topics we care about

Contact: Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky ( and Sina Ribak (

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