ATLAS Projectos' book and record release

Event finishedTuesday, Jan 1, 2013 at 9:00 AM
ATLAS Projectos' book and record release

Dear all,

Zabriskie and ATLAS Projectos would like to invite you for our latest releases: the first issue of Next Spring book series „Paris, May 16″, and the 7“ flexi-disc Outlaws in Language and Destiny by Joana Escoval.

During the event, we’ll play the sound piece Zealandia (side A), Tanera Crescent (side B), 2015, by Richard Francis and Richard Frater, along with occasional séances d’écoutes of the flexi-disc.


Paris, May 16
Next Spring first issue

Writing by Clara Schulmann, Barbara Sirieix, and Jennifer Teets
Edited by Laura Preston, with assistance of Alex Davidson and Sriwhana Spong
Translation by Gilles Berton and John Tittensor
Images by Richard Frater and Scott Rogers

Co-published with Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University of Wellington
2016 / Offset / FR, EN / 19 × 12,3 / 72 pages / 500 copies

Next Spring is an occasional series of reviews that calls for a slightly shifted approach to the writing of art criticism. The artwork, and the political climate to which it is a part of, are viewed as subjects that needn’t necessarily be documented evidently—questioning if this is at all possible—rather art writing is seen as being in correspondence with these issues. Emphasis is placed on reading atmospheric affects (of contemporary states of ecological thinking broadly speaking), the mood (of the polis) you may say, those climatical residues that the work engenders and the text offers.

The language of place is given priority and image reproductions used nominally.

The Next Spring series continues as a response to the lived spaces of the collective.

zabriskie_escoval_outlaws - 1

Outlaws in Language and Destiny
by Joana Escoval

Co-published with Palmario Recordings
2016 / Offset + Flexi-Disc / 60 × 40 cm / 500 copies

Clear acetate 7“ Mono Flexi-Disc containing sound recordings of insects in a rain forest of Costa Rica mixed with the sound produced by a 180º orthodontic X-Ray in Lisbon. Encased in a double-sided poster with two found photos representing two kids and two birds, in Amazonia and Sweden.

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