Magazine launch: hinterlands #4 - the pink issue | 10 May - 7 pm

Event finishedFriday, May 10, 2024 at 7:00 PM Friday, May 10, 2024 at 9:00 PM
Magazine launch: hinterlands #4 - the pink issue | 10 May - 7 pm
Say hello to pink! We warmly invite you to celebrate a new hinterlands magazine. Join us for the launch of the pink issue in our bookshop, on Friday May 10, from 7pm and expect pink drinks and treats.

hinterlands is a print magazine for rural realities and narratives from Europe’s rural regions. In reports, essayistic prose and photographic formats, hinterlands magazine presents local reporting from villages and non-urban areas and creates a transgressive understanding of rurality.

The pink issue presents rural sites of encounters, which might be familiar or alien: a rural theater stage, a rave on an open field, a shared table or a traditional country fair - which is not solely a place for exhibiting productive livestock and their trade but also to mingle, to meet. Rural pink comes with a certain softness, sensuality and vulnerability, horse girl desires and reflections of human-animal relations. It is deeply personal, lingering in ideas of girlhood, but also offering a wide playground to fathom gender roles and queerness. At the same time, pink is loud, it shines through, it can’t hide. Alerting as well as appealing in nature, it can cause irritation as well as soothing memories.

Contributing authors: Mircea Sorin Albuțiu, Lydia Beardmore, Allis Sääsk Berglund, Juri Bizzotto, Andreas Doepke, Constanze Flamme, Donatella Gasparro, Joseph Horton, Dénes Jäger, Eefke Jehlicka-Kleimann, Frida Østerby Berg, Anı Ekin Özdemir, Luisa Roth, Marija Repšytė, Sophie Anna Stadler, Mia Tamme, Marta Verheyen Maynau, Claudia Zeiske, Theresa Zwerschke

Cover photo: Olya Korsun
Editorial team: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper, Maike Suhr
Graphic design: Till Hormann
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