MYTHS ABOUT MY FEAR - exhibition of sculptural ceramic works by Astarte Posch

Event finishedSunday, Dec 3, 2023 at 2:00 PM Friday, Dec 22, 2023 at 6:00 PM
MYTHS ABOUT MY FEAR - exhibition of sculptural ceramic works by Astarte Posch

The opening of 'Myths about my fear' will take place on Sunday 3 December at the Zabriskie bookshop. With tentacular readings from Nicola van Straaten, Elisa Pieper, soundscapes by Sigourney Pilz and Lisa Herms and monstrous drinks and snacks.

Astarte Posch's ceramic sculptures will be on display and for sale at Zabriskie Bookstore throughout December.

„Let Medusa come, that we may change him into stone.“ Inferno IX, 52

I thought I saw you implode, but now I am not sure. Was this true implosion? Implosion is concentrating matter, it reduces volume. You may be getting smaller, but you are not disappearing.

"Myths about my fear" is a solo exhibition of sculptural ceramic works by multi-media artist Astarte Posch. Trained as an art therapist, her practice is influenced by psychoanalysis and dream imagery. Created between 2021 and 2023, the ceramic works are the imprint of a long personal and artistic journey along the lines of the unconscious as it speaks to itself and is perceived.

The creatures are centered and steady, but they also call out to the viewer. The blob wants to be fed and it wants to be felt. Little extensions of itself reach out, they are pointy and hard and fragile.

And as the monster sticks out its tongue it becomes more of itself, the shapeshifter mother can never be less. The tentacles are holding the creature, a gesture that is threatening and protective at the same time. It moves inwards and outwards, finding no exit. It pierces the chest and presses on the stomach. It moves inwards and outwards, out the door.

Text by Freia Kuper, Elisa Pieper

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