Magazine Presentation - Plant Magic #2: Weeds

Magazine Presentation - Plant Magic #2: Weeds
The second issue of Plant Magic Magazine will be presented on 06 July at 7pm in our shop. We are looking forward to celebrating this publication with editors Elisabeth Pieper and Astarte Posch, with many contributing artists and with you.

The second issue of Plant Magic brings together a range of artistic perspectives that explore the complex, resilient, and sometimes contradictory existence of spontaneous vegetation, which is referred to as WEEDS.

From 3 pm to 6 pm, chlorophyllodisiac drinks will be served by the editors. Readings by Chris Paxton, Jana Krüger, Narumi Mastroscianni and Yanting Xiong begin at 7 pm. Admission is free.

This presentation is part of the WEEDS COLLECTIVES event series, which has been initiated and curated by Elisabeth Pieper from the artist collective hooops in cooperation with the Zabriskie bookshop for nature and culture. Supported with funds from Projektfonds Kulturförderung Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

WEEDS COLLECTIVES / UNKRAUT KOLLEKTIVE embodies a nuanced exploration of the urban landscape of Berlin-Kreuzberg, exploring different perspectives on nature and the proliferation of plants within the urban fabric. The colloquial term "weeds“ refers to the spontaneous emergence of vegetation that is often perceived as intrusive, yet remarkably resilient and adaptable. This event series transcends conventional perceptions and invites participants to reconsider the botanical tapestry of Kreuzberg. Through immersive encounters and interdisciplinary discourse, WEEDS COLLECTIVES / UNKRAUT KOLLEKTIVE fosters a communal platform for deepening understanding of these often overlooked botanical inhabitants.
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