What about bug rights? A Kinship Walk in Hasenheide - Konteksty (Postartistic Congress)

Event finishedFriday, Jun 7, 2024 at 4:00 PM Friday, Jun 7, 2024 at 6:00 PM
What about bug rights? A Kinship Walk in Hasenheide - Konteksty (Postartistic Congress)

Hosted by: Sina Ribak, Lorena Carràs, Jean-Marie Dhur
Time: 4- 6 pm
Start: Floating University
Registration via email

Free admission

What about bug rights? A Kinship Walk in Hasenheide is part of Konteksty (Postartistic Congress) 6–9.06.2024 at Floating University, Berlin. Konteksty is an assembly of postartistic practitioners and a public programme.

This walk through Hasenheide is an invitation to practice kinship as a way to approach the idea of nature rights. Environmental laws are based on a binary concept of nature separate from the human. In the context of multiple global crises, we are witnessing a shift towards more holistic natureculture approaches. What about bug rights? explores the granting of legal personhood to more-than-humans. Are nature rights a legal fiction or a necessary transformation to halt the destruction of the Earth?

On route, participants may encounter an oak, a pond, or a hawk – how would the latter negotiate their needs? Learning the landscape through different practices and methods, including walking, collective situated readings, and a listening exercise, may inspire us humans to take a more inclusive perspective – that of a biosphere commons.

From science to literature, creative research, and sound practice, the hosts embrace various disciplines and perspectives, in their attempt to make natural rights tangible. Everyone is invited to join the walk and to share their experience in re-connecting to living and nonliving entities.


Wear comfortable shoes and clothing apt to changing weather and climate; bring a water bottle and a personal notebook.


What about bug rights? is a quote from the song Enough about human rights by Moondog, album H’art Songs, 1978.

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