Workshop: Symbioses with Urban Nature - Plants, natural pigments, silk screen printing

Event finishedSaturday, Apr 22, 2023 at 10:00 AM Sunday, Apr 30, 2023 at 3:00 PM


Experimental workshop inspired by the plant world. We will read texts about plants, learn the basics of making pigments with natural dyes and, based on a creative writing exercise, we will make a screen-printed publication.

Our main goal will be to connect with the urban landscape by looking closely at plants that are readily available in Berlin in order to learn from and with them. Through recognition and interaction with the plants, we will try to establish a symbiotic bond that will use art as the main connection.
*All texts will be provided prior to the start of the workshop.

Sandra Méndez Sarmiento, Rebeca Pérez Gerónimo, Sophie Pischel

Sat. 22.04., Sun. 23.04.
Sat. 29.04., Sun. 30.04.

Fee: 35.-


Symbioses Sat. 22.04., 10 - 12 am
Discussion of texts from “What a Plant Knows”, by Daniel Chamovitz.
Presentation of wild plants available in Berlin as inspiration for the
silk screen printing design.

Correspondance Sun. 23.04., 12 - 2 pm
Discussion of texts from “The Life of Plants”, by Emanuele Coccia.
Creative writing exercise based on a plant for the silk printing design.

Transformation Sat. 29.04., 10 - 12 am
Discussion of texts from “Enjoying Wild Herbs”, by Nat Mady & Catmouse.
Learning how to extract natural pigments from plants.

Compost Sun. 30.04., 12 - 3 pm
Discussion of texts from “Symbiotic Planet”, by Lynn Margulis.
Screen printing of special editions with plant pigments.

Funded by: Senatverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

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