library curation

We offer our curatorial expertise to public or private libraries in the areas of ecology, sustainability, nature writing, cultural history of nature, ethnography, the “Anthropocene”, self-sufficiency, the practice of walking, hiking and strolling, as well as in relation to subcultures, countercultures and utopian and alternative social ideas.

Through our continuous and extensive involvement with these topics for our own bookstore, we know both the “classics” and the more hidden publications from small publishers - both for German-language and English-language publications.

Are you looking for curatorial help for your library? Then simply contact us: info (att) zabriskie (dot) de.


Collaborations since 2019

Libken eV Denk- und Produktionsort, Uckermark, Brandenburg:

Collaborations in 2021

. Freiraumlabor, Rixdorf, Berlin: KUKO Kollektiv für Kulturökologie

. ifa – Galerie Stuttgart: Exhibition “Umbrales. How about the tiempo? / On the threshold. How to link time?" . November 12, 2021 – February 20, 2022 curated by Bettina Korintenberg
In conjunction with the 15th bienal de artes mediales (Media Art Biennale) in Santiago de Chile, the exhibition “Umbrales – On the Threshold” is dedicated to the change, uncertainty and fragility in which societies find themselves in times of multiple, planetary crises. To be on the threshold means to live in a state of in-betweenness, in the uncertain, unknown, unconscious, but also in a moment of change. exhibition/umbrales/#section2

. Atelier Fanelsa, Berlin: Workshop series of places of rural practice in Brandenburg. March 27, 2021 – August 8, 2021
The workshop series of the Places of Rural Practice program focuses on rural areas as sites that create desirable ways of living, working and producing. Inhabitants of rural regions bring together site-specific knowledge and skills to create prototypes of community work that manifest deep awareness of the interconnection between the built environment and social networks.

. The Art library, Ghent, Belgium: Essential Reading by Jasmine Ostendorf. March 2021

Essential Reading is a project that aims to enlarge, diversify and enrich Kunstenbibliotheek's book collection. Which books are, today, really indispensable for an art library? Guests of Essential Reading bring together and present in the library the books they consider most valuable in their life and work. _