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A Tale of Three Little Birds

A Tale of Three Little Birds

Bruno Munari

Corraini Edizioni



32 x 24 x 0.5

22 pages

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Another book in the historic 1945 series. Munari devised these lively books/albums for children using large pictures, pages and inserts of different sizes and varying holes to arouse the curiosity of the observer. The album elegantly tells the stories of three little birds who end up in a cage.   zabriskie_corraini_munari_a_tale_of_three_little_birds_5 zabriskie_corraini_munari_a_tale_of_three_little_birds_4 zabriskie_corraini_munari_a_tale_of_three_little_birds_3 zabriskie_corraini_munari_a_tale_of_three_little_birds_2  
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