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A well-hidden greyhound

A well-hidden greyhound

Andrea Antinori

Corraini Edizioni




31 x 24.5 x 1

40 pages

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Not everyone knows that greyhounds are extremely cautious and careful animals. In fact, they hide because they are afraid of everything: pigeons, balloons, wind, cats, other greyhounds... and when they are hiding it is not easy to find them and convince them to come out! So how can you stop your greyhound from suddenly running off in search of the nearest hiding place? This book offers several strategies: you can try to disguise your greyhound with scary disguises, so that the others will run away from it, or you can take your greyhound to places where you do not risk meeting anyone. What would you do? With his usual irony and lightheartedness, Andrea Antinori delivers a book that will make you smile at every page, and make you fall in love with this elegant and hopelessly fearful animal.  
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