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DAIZY & HOLY VOL III - Cassette Tape

DAIZY & HOLY VOL III - Cassette Tape

Various Artists

Daizy & Holy



14 x 11 x 1.7

2 pages

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Handmade and compiled by Daily & Holy aka Maximilian Glass in Erfurt: the highly adventurous musics and sounds on the Daily & Holy Compilation Vol III are oscillating in the intersections of field recordings, Ambient, Industrial, ritual drums, electroacoustic, tape experiments, computer manipulations, drones, Dub and IDM. Included artists are Giorgio Dursi, Wojtek Kurek, Pamela_and her sons, Dietrich von Euler-Donnersperg, Poulsen + Saederup + Okholm, Daphne X, T.u.B., Davide Luciani, Munzard, Peter Strickmann, Nina Guo + Auguste Vickunaite, Tintin Patrone, YOY, Cliff Göppert, DJ Schlucht, o ye o no, XC♢PY, Belorukov + Bauer + Khorkhordina, jayrope, TRiiEOM, Delmore Fx, Blechdachs, Wilted Woman, Matt Wand, Daniel Majer, jölüp. Listen to the tape here.
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