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Earth Craft Zine 5 - Kindred Soils

Earth Craft Zine 5 - Kindred Soils

Erika Sprey (ed.)

Royal Academy of Art The Hague


21 x 14.8 x


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The next cycle of this program will continue to dwell in many gardens and kitchens, as we try to collectively re-imagine how the current world food system could be decolonized one grain of sand (or soil, or mud…) at the time.
How can food, seed and land sovereignty and justice look like in a world that is almost completely enclosed but in which also alternatives are emerging through the cracks?
Every session will celebrate a specific food culture and land practice that unearth community (her)stories of struggle and resistance within a web of life that ultimately connects all continents, for the love of soil. Foods such as Za’atar, (heirloom) seeds, palm oil, wildly foraged plants and pollution remediating mushrooms are not only carriers of personal, social and political issues of concern, but also guides and kindred companions throughout this exploration. For these same entangled and muddy reasons, we have invited this cycle the kindred Bakudapan Food Study Group to co-edit the Earth Craft zine, that hopefully inspires further self-study of this magically expansive subject matter that reminds us that everything in this world is food and food for something else. Erika Sprey Head and curator of the Studium Generale of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK)
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