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grapefruits fanzine, issue #02: performance

grapefruits fanzine, issue #02: performance

Elisa Metz, Natalie Brum, Elisa Kühl, and Theresa Nink




21 x 15 x 0.5


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featuring: AMET, Laurie Anderson, Junko, Annea Lockwood, Julia Mihály, Phew Grapefruits are growing! We are grateful and excited to release the second issue of grapefruits. This time four authors from different professional backgrounds wrote about six splendid artists, focusing on their performances: AMET turns field recordings into live podcasts for her performances. Laurie Anderson’s often narrative work has received a spatial dimension through telepresence, virtual reality as well as disembodiment. Junko, coming from the Japanese noise scene, performs loudness only with her voice. The early performative work by Annea Lockwood included unusual sound-makers like glass and stones as well as field recordings from environmental sounds such as water and fire. In her recent work she tries to make audible what cannot be heard by the naked ear. Julia Mihály plays with identity while using her body as a surface for projections as well as a trigger for transforming sound in real-time. Deriving from the Japanese punk-scene, Phew’s performances concentrate on her voice and physicality, treating machines as extensions of the body. grapefruits is a fanzine about female* composers and sound artists, originating from students of the master programme Klang und Realität at the Institute for Music and Media at the RSH Düsseldorf. The title refers to Grapefruit, a book by Yoko Ono published in 1964, who saw grapefruits as a hybrid of lemons and oranges, a metaphor for her own identity — always being in-between. Appearing twice a year, the first issue was released in summer 2019. The authors, varying from issue to issue, choose the artists they are going to interview and write about by personal interest, always having in mind different genres in the art and pop context as well as a broad international spectrum, including contemporary artists as well as early pioneers. For each issue the authors define a topic which combines the diverse characters, in the same time emphasizing the different understanding each one has on that specific topic. grapefruits focuses on women*, or people who identify as female*, because we, the authors of grapefruits, feel that they are affected by a lack of visibility – historically and at present. Using the gender asterisk, we want to make other genders and gender identities visible and include them typographically, representing inter-, non-binary and trans people.
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