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Happily Ever After? Tales for a fairytale climate

Happily Ever After? Tales for a fairytale climate

Paola Momentè

Corraini Edizioni




22 x 22 x 1

60 pages

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These stories will seem awfully familiar to you: they feature cats in boots, goldfish, three bears with three bowls of porridge, and you probably already know how they end... or do you? The wolf's special talent is to lurk in the woods and jump out suddenly, but with no trees around, it's not so easy anymore. Even the forty thieves are worried: if the desert takes over, how will they find the precious loot they have hidden? If you look closely, from oceans to forests, from deserts to the poles, there is always something causing everyone to change their ways. The characters in these fairy tales, however, do not stand for it: they are ready to protest and take back the right ending for their story. With the support of Legambiente, Happily Ever After? tells what is happening to the planet where, like so many other species - fairytale and otherwise - we are guests: to better understand climate change and the importance of acting together for a climate fit for a fairytale.
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