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Hinterlands - magazine for rural realities - no. 3 - the green issue

Hinterlands - magazine for rural realities - no. 3 - the green issue

Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper, and Maike Suhr (Editors)

hinterlands magazin



25 x 18 x 0.5

86 pages

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The grass is always greener on the other side hinterlands is a print magazine for rural realities. In narrative as well as visual formats, hinterlands magazine presents local rural reporting from all over Europe and thus creates a transgressive understanding of rurality. Rural everyday narratives are to shape a new view of life beyond the cities. Each issue of the annually published hinterlands magazine appears in a distinct colour. After blue shades and orange tones the third issue sets off to green lands and spirits. When it comes to the countryside, green seems omnipresent at first sight. A myriad of prosperous images might come to mind: Green meadows, forests and lush fields. But green in nature rarely appears as pure. Sometimes it is spotted with traces of decay, interweaving other tones and colours. Green is the colour of environmental activism and social-ecological transformation. Green on the one hand stands for hope, on the other hand it is associated with mould, poison or suspicious substances – like the human flesh-based factory food "Soylent Green" in Richard Fleicher’s same-named cinematic dystopia. The green of the screen becomes what you project upon it.
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