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landing - Inland Academy

landing - Inland Academy

Katy Dammers (ed.), Grace Denis (ed.), Jean Ni (ed.), and Jens Strandberg

INLAND - Campo Adentro




21 x 15 x 2

222 pages

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"landing" is a publication that encompasses contributions by the participants of Inland Academy and a network of collaborators. "landing" is a temporary space of being and reflecting. It is one node on an ongoing becoming, which at this juncture includes gathering, mending, foraging, conversing, exchanging, tending, ideating, drawing, reading and reflecting.

With contributions by: Jessie Breslau, Hadriana Casla, Xiyao Chen, Katy Dammers, Grace Denis, Fernando García-Dory, Hussam Ghosheh, Tara Lasrado, Cassidy McKenna, Mariana Murcia, Jean Ni, Hannes Norr, Kibandu Pello-Esso, Dharmendra Prasad, Nickie Sigurdsson, Antonio Vincenzo Sotgiu, Kristina Stallvik, Jens Strandberg, Nahla Tabbaa, Vilius Vaitiekunas.

Inland Academy is a project that aspires to build a creative critical mass willing to question existing power dynamics around the rural and the contemporary art; to bring closer the academy and the rural, through creative operations and to create a propitious space for social action and innovation linked with the environmental and social challenges of our society.



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