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Nandu Muley & Anindo Chatterjee - Raga Ahir-Bhairav & Raga Ragesree - LP

Nandu Muley & Anindo Chatterjee - Raga Ahir-Bhairav & Raga Ragesree - LP



Vinyl LP

31,5 x 31,5 x 0,5


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What this unassuming artist from Baroda in western India has accomplished, and that from a very early age, evoke one's admiration and wonder: Besides being an expert Santoor player, his talents also include vocal music, tabla and Kathak dance.

"Nandu" as he commonly is known to his western audience, was born into a family of musicians. He was molded by his father Dattatraya and uncle Shrikant who instructed him in vocal and table from his early years. He intensively studied Kathak dance under the tutelage of Pandit Sundarial. Nandu obtained a first class Master's degree from the M.S. University of Baroda.

But despite all these achievements there was still the haunting quest to achieve something unique. And because of this he is today one of the few exponents of the Santoor, adapting it and capturing the melody and rhythm of Indian classical music. He has learnt the Santoor under the guidance of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, "The Synonym of the Santoor", as critics call him. Nandu's accomplishmentson the Santoor have earned him the award of "SURMANI" (Diamond of Notes) in 1975. He has given concerts in major Indian and European cities.
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