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Only Apples

Only Apples

Brigham Baker

Edition Taube




29 x 22.5 x

116 pages

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Brigham Bakers first artists’ book «Only Apples» includes what the title suggests: Nothing more than apples. It shows analogue close-up photos of apples as they ripen hanging from the tree and slowly rot. The long-term study has resulted in an intimate, autobiographically colored work that deals with time, change and transience. In the process, echoes of classic vanitas still lifes are evoked and at the same time constantly undermined. The photographic works are supplemented by a short story written by the artist. The observation of nature shapes the artistic practice of Brigham Baker (*1989). He is fascinated by its diversity, the countless microsystems and their ability to constantly change and adapt. On the other hand, there are functional and logical-mathematical systems that profoundly change society. Baker’s works of art connects nature and culture, which we are inclined to perceive as contrary or at least dual. His activities as a beekeeper and urban gardener form the basis for the precise observation of animals and plants and their self-organization as well as their cultivation. The book is released as part of the solo exhibition at the 11th Manor Kunstpreis Zürich 2019 at Kunst Museum Winterthur.
Offset, Edition of 800 Design: Benedikt Bock, Edited by: Lynn Kost
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