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Sana, Sana - Latin Pain and Radical Visions for Healing and Justice

Sana, Sana - Latin Pain and Radical Visions for Healing and Justice

David Luis Glisch-Sanchez, Nic Rodriguez-Villafane

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20 x 13 x 1

192 pages

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A bridge that interrupts a legacy of pain with the honest sharing of stories. Sana, Sana is a witness to the multiple wounds etched into the landscape of Latinx experience and a testimonial to community efforts to heal them. A multi-genre anthology rooted in the deep desire to not only acknowledge and name the various forms of pain and trauma Latinx people experience regularly, but to do so in the service of imagining new futures and ways of being that prioritize healing and justice not just for Latinx people, but for Queer BIPOC communities and, ultimately, for all people. The book's vision and understanding of Latinidad is broad and expansive. It centers Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, and Feminist Latinidades. By advancing an unapologetically radical antiracist, anticapitalist, feminist, and queer politic Sana, Sana holds creative and defiant space for identifying economic, social, political, emotional, and spiritual strategies to forge individual and collective healing and justice.​
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