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See All This #30 - Paradise Found Curated by Piet Oudolf

See All This #30 - Paradise Found Curated by Piet Oudolf

Nicole Ex

See AllThis




27 x 21 x 2

224 pages

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Piet Oudolf is admired worldwide for his wildly flourishing natural gardens. Over the past decades, Oudolf has revolutionised our relationship with the outdoors, opening our eyes to the power of perennial plants, to a garden that retains its beauty in every season. In this issue of ‘See All This’, explore what it means to be in nature and how we can attune ourselves to its rhythms. Comprising artworks, colourful drawings and sketches, cuisine, photographs, architecture, landscapes, a botanical glossary, and more, the magazine offers a breath of fresh air. Participating artists include Simon Heijdens, Zora Ottink, Naoko Benom-Miura, Sophie Steengracht, and Curcubita Maxima.
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