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Temps Libre

Temps Libre

Camille Meyer

Fidèle Editions



15 x 10.5 x 1

100 pages

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Camille Meyer invites us to contemplate nature, to feel the intimacy and serenity that emanate from immersion in the painting of a landscape. Time seems to stretch, the light changes, and we confront ourselves. To the lived landscapes and to those to come. Experimenting with various mediums, the artist alternates between dilute ink touches and thick layers of gouache to capture the imperceptible passage of time on the scale of a painting. These visual notes, captured in places where she immersed herself, are transcribed on paper on a real scale, offering a profusion of images rich in detail and generous.

The Confidens collection offers a series of drawing books introduced by a text by the artists, delivering to the reader a part of their intimacy. It is then a question of entering into a link, and of reading these images with a piece of information that brings us closer to them. Narrative, sequential or simple series, it happens to the readers to draw the essential. These books are intended to be objects of inspiration, sharing and sensoriality, with a production in risography which deploys all its qualities. We hope these little nuggets will inspire you!

First edition, September 2023
100 copies
10,5x15 cm - 100 pages
Munken Pure rough 120g
Hot foiled Colorplan cover
With riso printed sticker
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