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The Cosmic Dance

The Cosmic Dance

Stephen Ellcock

Thames & Hudson




23 x 17 x 2.5

256 pages

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Join renowned image alchemist Stephen Ellcock on a visual journey of arresting and awe-inspiring artworks, from the microscopic to the celestial, drawn from every culture, age and corner of the globe. Wander through the pathways of these remarkable pages and discover correspondences between the most unlikely of subjects, order in the most random-seeming depictions and purpose and meaning in the decorative. Intriguing observations and reflections from artists, writers and scientists, together with clear explanations of complex concepts, complete this beautiful, revelatory and profound odyssey. 'Visually overwhelming, profoundly uplifting … astonishing … Ellcock’s curation of images is a marvel of sympathy … the book’s accompanying text marches you briskly through a magnificent number of the world’s mythologies, religions, philosophies, arts, and sciences, drawing connections and noting similarities' - Julian Gough, Irish Times 'Glorious … there’s great beauty here … The text too is engaging … Only connect, said EM Forster; here’s a mind-blowingly beautiful way to do it' - The Times LUXX      
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