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Diario di Lavoro / Workbook

Diario di Lavoro / Workbook

Luca Boffi




24 x 13 x 3

368 pages

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The editorial project ‘Caro Campo: Workbook’ stems from the artistic project lived by Alberonero from 2019 to 2021 in Campogalliano (near Modena, Italy), where he existed in symbiosis with a field of 290 poplars until they were cut down. For the duration of the “Campo” project, while immersed in the trees and nature, Alberonero augmented the natural and seasonal changes by transforming portions of the field through the creation of 20 temporary artworks. At once a human, artistic, and environmental experience, the book retraces this story by means of photographs, flashes, and brief notes, its movements meant both as a poetic experience and as a diary of work.
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