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A Witch's Bestiary - Visions of Supernatural Creatures

A Witch's Bestiary - Visions of Supernatural Creatures

Maja D'Aoust

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24 x 16.5 x 2

208 pages

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A Witch's Bestiary is a compilation of creatures of the unknown. Researched references delving back onto ancient mythological records and esoteric occult sources have revealed there is more to these Beasts than meets the eye. Never before seen information is revealed in this tome as the reader is taken on a journey through the most fantastical tales of animals that have been known to a precious few through the aeons of time and mind. The Supernatural Beasts within us are strange reflections and mirrors of the true nature of humanity and deserve an intense study by the city going populace of modern times lest we forget our primitive origins and the animals that live in us all. In this Chthonic adventure through the possibilities of the subconscious and conscious awareness, the creatures exposed come to light in our awareness and guide us on our path of the difficult tread of our emotions and suppressed feelings of instinct. The lessons of the Animals from these ancient stories can assist us to deepen our engagement with the Earth, nature and the living beings of our planet. A keen knowledge of history and prehistory through these tales is a weapon wielded against missteps in this life and can prove a valuable resource. Do not be afraid and do not look away for once familiar with the mythological beasts, you shall see them spread before your view in every person you meet.

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