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All Good Things: A Treasury of Images to Uplift the Spirits and

All Good Things: A Treasury of Images to Uplift the Spirits and

Stephen Ellcock

September Publishing




22 x 19 x 2.5

320 pages

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In 2013, Stephen Ellcock, a picture researcher,began selecting imagery and posting them on his Visual Rapture Facebook page. Five years and 300,000 followers later, hehas a devoted international following who enthusiastically await his daily uploads and his carefully curated and sequenced albums of images. Ellcock’s selectionof little known and public domain imagery chimes deeply with his followers, with every post garnering thousands of shares and comments. The universal response is that this daily dose of beautiful miscellanea lifts the spirit and brings great joy. Ellcock has gathered some of the finest images he could find into this compendium of art and photography, inspired by both the natural world and human endeavour. It offers meditative focus and visual exhilaration, celebrating our humanity and inspiringus to wonder once more. The title, ALL GOOD THINGS, comes from the first ever Encyclopaediain the English language, and the contentis structured to evoke the medieval tradition of exquisite, illuminated books –beginning with the universal and travelling through the realms of sky, sea, earth, science and humanity before ending amongst the angels and monsters that have so preoccupied artists over the centuries. With found artwork from archives, libraries and little known collections of art, illustration, photography and textiles, ALL GOOD THINGS promisesa glorious adventure; one that can be appreciated on many levels. Each chapter bestows carefully selected quotes from poets and thinkers, authors and scientist alongside images lists designed for enjoyment, for restoration or to inspire. It is a treasure trove of wonder, an anthology for the curious –truly a book to lose yourself in. Stephen Ellcock is a curator who has expanded his Facebook page into an online museum of images, visual delights, oddities and wonders drawn from every conceivable culture, era and corner of the globe.
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