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are we europe - issue 15 - down to earth

are we europe - issue 15 - down to earth

Anneleen Uphoff, Teresa O'Connell und Juli Simond

are we europe



24 x 17 x 1

96 pages

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Europe’s land, if shared equally, should be enough to sustain all those who live on it. But not in practice. Which raises the question: who works the land—and who does it belong to? For this issue we’ve explored land use and land rights around Europe. From Scottish crofters to the people curtained behind Ibiza’s party scene, the land informs both people’s identity and their sense of belonging. The magazine—almost 100 pages long and full of incredible photography, illustrations, and writing—is a much needed breath of fresh air for those in concrete-filled environments. Featured stories: * Empty Spain: Stefano Montali takes a roadtrip through spain and examines the country's countryside exodus. * “They tried to make us tourists in our homelands.”: Our editor-in-chief conducts a double interview with researcher Kukka Ranta and Áslat Holmberg, vice president of the Saami Council, about the state of Saami indigenous land. * Once upon a time in a fairytale forest: How letting nature do its thing makes for a happy ending. Content: * Plant Shop - a short story * Aging farmers - infographic * A crofter's perspective * Empty Spain * "They tried to make us tourists in our homelands" * The tourist trap * Spiking the soil * Black snow * Once upon a time in the fairytale forest * Mime Metsa! Go to the forest! * Seeds of connection * Drones in the vineyard * Young, brave & Farming * When they came for the family farms * No excuse against ugly produce  
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