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Co-emerging Economies - Exploring Radical Perspectives on Post-Anthropocentric Economies

Co-emerging Economies - Exploring Radical Perspectives on Post-Anthropocentric Economies

Olga Mink & Reon Brand (Eds.)




20 x 12 x 2.5

284 pages

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There is an emerging global awareness that our current free-market economic system is responsible for deteriorating environmental health and global warming. This threatens not only future human prosperity but may have existential consequences for all species. The book examines how we can reset our relationship with the planet by re-imagining different socio-economic possibilities. The richly illustrated book contains a mix of essays, reports, stories, poems extracted from a storytelling workshop held with multidisciplinary teams. The publication is structured around a post-anthropocentric view; a perspective where the human identity is diffused into a larger eco-system. The two narratives Gaia and Etheria are the point of departure. In Gaia we see ourselves as an integral part of the natural ecosystem. We look for ways to live integrally embedded within natural biodiverse ecosystems. it creates worldview that puts the health of ecosystems first. In Etheria we value intelligence (sentience) as the ultimate virtue. In Etheria we aspire to become part of a larger post-human (post-biological) intelligence. This view detaches us from nature and the need for any biological systems.
With contributions by Godelieve Spaas, Lisanne Buik, René van Peer, Sunjoo Lee, Leif Czakai, Cynthia Hathaway, Elise Talgorn, Bea Xu, Yannik Güldner, Michal Mitro
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