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Copper by Jerry de Gryse - Lost Rocks (17)

Copper by Jerry de Gryse - Lost Rocks (17)

Jerry de Gryse

Lost Rocks




18 x 11 x 1

93 pages

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I find myself asking how does an ‘age’ begin? How does someone living 10,000 years ago ‘discover’ copper and start a period of weaponry, artistry and utility unlike that seen )or imagined) previously? ‘Lost Rocks (2017–21)’ is an ambitious, slow-publishing artwork – a library of forty three books, by forty six artists over five years. A unique seam of mineralogical and metaphysical telling unfolds. Jerry de Gryse is a landscape architect and co-founder and director of Inspiring Place. Jerry has practice experience that ranges in scale from square metres to thousands of square kilometres and in setting from the city centre to the wilderness. In his work, Jerry seeks out the essential values of a place to understand how these influence the physical form of the built environment and the personal experience of outdoor space. Jerry believes that exceptional public spaces are created where the needs of people for a vibrant setting are integrated with a community’s vision for its place and environmental sustainability principles. Jerry is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.      
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