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Craft Portrait: Dorozome

Craft Portrait: Dorozome

Pauline Agustoni & Satomi Minoshima

Self published




24 x 17 x 1

104 pages

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Craft Portrait: Dorozome is an art book about traditional Japanese mud-dyeing technique Dorozome. As a wish to celebrate the richness and complexity of the craft from the perspective of its main actors, the book shines a light on the narratives of eleven contemporary Dorozome artisans. In the interviews, the artisans touch upon themes such as the past and future developments of the craft, the long way to becoming an artisan, the oral tradition of passing on a craft, the spirit of craftsmanship and the relationship between material creation with its natural and geographical environment. The interviews are accompanied by a series of photographs of the craft’s process and environment. They depict the atmosphere of Dorozome workshop Kanai Kougei and the island of Amami Oshima, Japan. paulineagustoni.com  

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