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Crystal Bone by Greg Lehman - Lost Rocks (08)

Crystal Bone by Greg Lehman - Lost Rocks (08)

Greg Lehman

A Published Event



18 x 11 x 1

96 pages

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Only one seal remains with her on the rock. Unlike the dark forms that have returned to the sea, her companion is silvery white, and has fixed her in a wide-eyed, liquid gaze. She waits for a movement, when she knows that she must quickly strike. But when the movement comes it is her that draws back. Greg Lehman is an Indigenous Visiting Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and has recently completed a PhD at the University of Tasmania’s School of Art on visual representations of Tasmanian Aborigines. Greg is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Australian National University’s Humanities Research Centre, supporting the development of Encounters exhibition. He is also a member of the National Museum of Australia’s Indigenous Advisory Committee, and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s Aboriginal Advisory Council.  
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