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Emergence Magazine Vol. 3 - Living With the Unknown

Emergence Magazine Vol. 3 - Living With the Unknown

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee (Ed.)

Emergence Magazine



29 x 22 x 2

280 pages

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What does living in an unfolding apocalyptic reality look like?

Volume 3: Living with the Unknown explores this question through four themes—Initiation, Ashes, Roots, and Futures—moving from the raw unknowing of transformation to a place of rooted possibility. The stories in this edition offer what we hope can be a light in the darkness as we transition into the next chapter of our collective future and embrace the reality of living with the unknown.   Contributors Anna Badkhen Juan Bernabeu Volker Bertelmann Sheila Pree Bright Sydney Cain Camille T. Dungy Azadeh Elmizadeh Anisa George Rebecca Giggs Amitav Ghosh Ann Hamilton Daisy Hildyard Linda Hogan Robin Wall Kimmerer J. Drew Lanham Andri Snær Magnason moonassi Ben Okri Philip Roughton Martin Shaw Suzanne Simard Jake Skeets Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Terry Tempest Williams Alexis Wright Kiliii Yüyan

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