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Ending Fossil Fuels - Why Net Zero is Not Enough

Ending Fossil Fuels - Why Net Zero is Not Enough

Holly Jean Buck

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20 x 14 x 1,5

192 pages

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Around the world, countries and companies are setting net-zero carbon emissions targets. But net-zero is a term that conveniently obscures multiple futures. There could be a version of net-zero where the fossil fuel industry is still spewing tens of billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, and has built a corresponding industry in sucking it back out again. Holly Buck argues that focusing on emissions draws our attention away from where we need to be looking: the point of production. It is time to plan for the end of fossil fuel and the companies that profit from them. Fossil fuels still provide 80% of world energy and ceasing their use before there are ready alternatives brings risks of energy poverty. The fossil fuel industry provides jobs, as well as a source of revenue for some frontline communities. Conventional wisdom says that fossil fuels will be naturally priced out when cheaper, but this raises as many problems as it addresses.
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