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Evil Eye Protection Cards

Evil Eye Protection Cards

Eloise Leigh

Self-published by artist


Set of 4 cards

10 x 5.5 x 1


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The evil eye is an ancient protection symbol, represented by the diamond shape in North Africa. These cards combine the evil eye with 4 other archetypal symbols — Spiral, Tree, Spider, Moon — that empower in addition to protect against evil and misfortune. The metaphysical power of the symbols is reinforced through the physical repetition of how they were originally drawn, and then printed in multiples. They can be placed in different formations together on surfaces like walls to make an “extra evil eye” with the most potent effect, or used separately depending on what areas you wish to strengthen and protect. They can also be given to others in need with room to write messages on the back. 15% of proceeds donated to COVID-19 relief efforts for Black lives. DETAILS: - Size of each card: 10cm high x 16cm across, 9.5cm each side - Risoprinted in Silver ink on 270gsm black cardstock by Drucken3000 - Comes with printed sheet of symbol descriptions and layout suggestions
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