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femme occulte - Summer 2022 - Bohemian Magick, Mysticism and Witchcraft

femme occulte - Summer 2022 - Bohemian Magick, Mysticism and Witchcraft

femme occulte



25 x 17.5 x 0.6

100 pages

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As is customary, the Summer issue focuses primarily on the element of Fire and its associated correspondences. This year, the magic of the senses rules our pages. Therefore, the Fire is related to sight, clairvoyance, and mind maps. However, it has also become an established tradition in our editorial office that the element of this season easily intermingles with the themes of other elements, opening its arms to them during a friendly sitting by the home fireplace with the blessing of the goddess Hestia. This time, Fire will consult Earth of the Western esoteric tradition during his rule, and Mountain and Water of the Eastern tradition will come to his aid to cool him down on hot days. Should someone be burned by the flames, the beneficial power of the tree of immortality and rebirth, the apple tree, will come to their aid. More plants with a fiery spark in their bodies will not wait long, and other spirits will visit the hearth. The new illustrative guide will help us to decipher their footprints and broader meaning. The mythical Firebird will transport us to the realm of fairy tales. Celebrations will focus on Celtic mythology, following the previous chapters. We will climb the Kabbalistic tree from Malkuth to the other three sefirot: Yesod, Hod, and Netsach using the meditation of the middle pillar. Besides these stalwarts, we will introduce new topics in the Old Path, folk magic, runic magic, and liminal witchcraft in the Gate-Keys series. This issue of our quarterly magazine is rounded off with the meanings of the coloured astrological deck, co-authored by Oleander and Belladonna, the final form of which was again prepared for you by Rhoda. Contents: * MAGIC OF SENSES Sight * INDO-EUROPEAN TRADITION Home: The Fiery World-Heart * FOLK MAGIC St. John’s crib * ELEMENTAL MAGIC Fire and Earth * TREE OF THE SEASON Apple Tree * RECIPES Summer * HERBALISM Fiery Plants * FAIRY TALES The Fire Bird * WHEEL OF CERRIDWEN Calan Mai * WHEEL OF CERRIDWEN Alban Hefin * NEUROMAGIC Mind Maps in Magic * CZECH HERMETICISM Theofanus Abba * INCENSE Myrrh * KABBALAH Yesod, Hod, Netsach * COMICS Middle Pillar * TAROT Knight of Wands * TAOIST MAGIC Mountain and Water * THE OLD PATH Nature Spirits and Cycles * TRACKER’S GUIDE Paws * CZECH CRAFT Nora z lesa * ASTROLOGY Astrology Oracle Full-colour photography and illustrations Scented to enhance sensory experience  
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