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Fiddler's Green - Woodcutter's Moon #6

Fiddler's Green - Woodcutter's Moon #6

Clint Marsh (ed)

Peculiar Parish



24 x 18.5 x 0.5

52 pages

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Our sixth issue, also known as “Woodcutter’s Moon,” published February 2019. Fiddler’s Green 6 features copper titling, a cover drawn by Matthew Glover of Sin Eater Illustration, and 52 pages of art and magic, including reviews, a letters column, and the following:
  • Practical Nostalgia, Editorial by Clint Marsh
  • The Art of Magic: New Enchanted Artifacts at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, by Lara C. Cory, illustration by Adrienne Rozzi
  • Musings of an Urban Herb Hunter: Encountering Plant Allies Within the City Bounds, written and illustrated by Johnny Decker Miller
  • Doing God a Favour: Sex, Celibacy, and Spirituality, by Muz Murray, illustrations by David D’Andrea
  • A Compendium of Witches, A Gallery by Nataša Ilinčić
  • I Woke Up This Morning: How I Learned Three Mystic Truths, and How They Helped, by Clint Marsh
  • The Confederacy of the Green Door, by Eldred Wormwood, illustrations by Gerhard
  • Megalithic Donegal, written and illustrated by Sean Fitzgerald
  • Little Black Cat, written and illustrated by Kelly Patton
  • The Wizard Laird, by Alan Cynic
  • Old Growth, by F. J. Bergmann
  • Kilgour’s Tale: by Kitchen Cynics and Grey Malkin
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