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Flowers from the Hyperuranion

Flowers from the Hyperuranion

Daria Tommasi




25 x 19 x 0,5

36 pages

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Have you ever been in the Hyperuranion? You have probably not, but you can still have a hint of it by discovering objects coming from that remote dimension. Flowers and pots, as common as beautiful, are the main subject of this book, where they are celebrated as paradigms of an absolute yet simple beauty and interpreted through a series of graphic drawings. 

The book explores the potential of Risograph print and the concept of book as an experimental artwork. During the printing process the original colors have been alternatively replaced with 8 different Risograph inks, radically changing the appearance of the drawings. Multiple inserts, varying in each copy, a machine-sew-binding and a double-folded cover invite the reader to explore the physical aspects of the book. 

Titles came up as a spontaneous interaction between author and publisher. Unexpectedly, the latter used the pre-printing files’ names that the artist used to organize the images. It wasn’t planned, but they both realized how these cryptic titles perfectly sounded like magic spells to enter into the dreamy dimension of Hyperuranion.

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