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(Forced) Movement Across the Aegean Archipelago

(Forced) Movement Across the Aegean Archipelago

kyklada.press (ed.)

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96 pages

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What would be of contemporary culture if we did not recognize the impact of migration in cultural and socio-economic crossings? This book explores human migration in different times, contexts, and geographies surrounding the Aegean Sea. Through an assemblage of voices, lived experiences, historical documents, urban and rural dislocations, this publication examines responses to mobility of the ones on the move, and of the ones living in the destinations the former are heading to. It speaks of the sacrifices one is forced to make en route and at its antipode; the implications of voluntary migration to a place, steered by investment in real estate. contents (Forced) Movement by Antigone Samellas Amygdalia by Christina Phoebe To live in the Borderlands means you by Gloria Anzaldua In the Great Mara River by Liwaa Yazji Real-Estate Cosmopolitanisms by George Papam Uprootings/Xerizomoi by Nicolas Lakiotakis managing editor Dimitra Kondylatou
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