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Fossil by Erica Van Horn - Lost Rocks (33)

Fossil by Erica Van Horn - Lost Rocks (33)

Erica Van Horn

Lost Rocks




18 x 11 x 1

93 pages

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When the rubble got moved down to this spot, and I found the green pieces from her kitchen, or from a room that was not her kitchen, it was as if I was greeting her again. Then the woodcutters took all of that away. Erica Van Horn is an artist and writer, born in the United States. An early exhibition I’ve Been Making Books Since the Day President Kennedy Was Shot at Franklin Furnace (NYC) gathered together an selection of her Artist Books. Her work has increasingly evolved from the combined visuals and text of the Artists Book to the form of writing itself. Recent publications include Living Locally (Uniformbooks 2014), Em & Me (Coracle 2018), Too Raucous For A Chorus(Coracle 2018), with its French translation due later this year (Héros-Limite/Geneva 2020). She lives and works in rural Ireland.          
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