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Fossil by Robin Banks - Lost Rocks (32)

Fossil by Robin Banks - Lost Rocks (32)

Robin Banks

Lost Rocks




18 x 11 x 1

93 pages

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Countless days of childhood spent searching, hunting for that elusive critter, that unfamiliar plant, hidden from light and air, hidden from my inquisitive gaze, revealed with the hammer crack of a rock breaking open. What wonder is this? Robin Banks has a passion for geology and the printed page. In her professional career, Robin has been involved in a broad range of human rights advocacy activities and has a strong background in disability rights in particular. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of NSW (1999). In 2000 she was admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor in the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia. Robin is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania, her thesis, an examination of whether and how discrimination law could use a conceptual framework that incorporates learnings from other disciplines, such as those of prejudice and unconscious bias from psychology, and what effect this might have on prevention and resolution.          
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