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Four Seasons Flowers - Purple - in Japanese!

Four Seasons Flowers - Purple - in Japanese!

Koichi Sakai

Seigensha Art Publishing



18.5 x 13 x 2.5

300 pages

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in Japanese! Four seasons flower drawing by Koichi Sakai. It's a plant picture book, left by Huichi, Iichi, and his successor, Akira Rinpa, arranged in roughly the order of the four seasons." Koichi Sakai, who represents the Rimpa school after Sotatsu and Korin, specializes in flowers and flowers, and her delicate brushwork with lyrical character forms the decorative style of the late Edo period. "Four seasons flower" that faithfully reproduces the colors of the original woodblock printing original of the Meiji period reappears as a new compact size version.
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