Graphème - a publication for experimental musical scores - Vol 2

Graphème - a publication for experimental musical scores - Vol 2

Tony Buck, Racha Gharbieh, Mazen Kerbaj, Magda Mayas und Ute Wassermann (eds.)

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30 x 23 x 0.5

64 pages

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THIS SECOND VOLUME CONTAINS 12 NEW SCORES IN FULL COLOUR AND IN B&W AS WELL AS AN INSERT POSTER SCORE! Welcome to the second instalment of Graphème, a publication for experimental and graphic music scores. As in the first edition, we find new ways to talk about organised sound and creative solutions to artistic questions and endeavours. In publishing a work like this, we hope to offer an alternative outlet for composers and performers to express, explore and publish their ideas in a direct and concrete way that bypasses the traditional and often outmoded options available to them in the mainstream music publishing world. Here in the second edition we present twelve compositions from another set of varied and distinguished artists. These artists share a passionate interest in finding and expressing a personal language and vision beyond the standard systems of western notation, and represent the wide creative spectrum that makes up innovative new music composition today. Many of the scores in this edition are graphically beautiful and intriguing, and hold their own as works of visual art. We invite you to dive in, explore and experience the ideas and creations of some of our most adventurous, curious, imaginative and inventive composers.
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