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Hellebore #1: The Sacrifice Issue

Hellebore #1: The Sacrifice Issue

Maria J. Pérez Cuervo (ed.)

Hellebore Zine



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68 pages

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The Sacrifice Issue contains, among other things, stone circles, crop sacrifices, folk magic, bog bodies, Medieval dooms, lost hearts, re-enchantment, and Ronald Hutton on folk horror. Hellebore is a collection of writings and essays devoted to British folk horror and the themes that inspire it: folklore, myth, history, archaeology, psychogeography, witches, and the occult. Hellebore is a poisonous plant that has the power of altering perception, and it's thought to be one of the main ingredients for the witches' flying ointment. Associated with the water element, it is known for opening up portals to the Underworld and the subconscious.
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