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O Quilombismo - Of Resisting and Insisting

O Quilombismo - Of Resisting and Insisting

Olga Schuber und Eric Otieno Sumba

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24 x 17 x 2

217 pages

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This reader, published on the occasion of the project O Quilombismo: Of Resisting and Insisting. Of Flight as Fight. Of Other Democratic Egalitarian Political Philosophies, brings the themes of the eponymous group exhibition to those interested in wider conceptual explorations around its multifaceted curatorial threads: insurgence, resistance, liberation, spirituality, ecstasy, new cultural forms and aesthetic paradigms, quilombo as queering, and the reimagination of collectivity.

Anchored by newly translated historical texts, poetry, essays, and conversations, the publication engages with the founding figures and initial conceptual articulations of quilombismo in detail, but also explores how it has found resonance in disparate practices globally.

Contributions by
Lillian Allen, Abdias Nascimento, Beatriz Nascimento, Murah Soares, Quýnh N. Phạm, Eric Otieno Sumba, Marie Helene Pereira, Cosmin Costinaş, Vladimir Lucien, Berette S Macaulay, Paz Guevara, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Carlos Maria Romero aka Atabey, Amanda Carneiro, O'Neil Lawrence, Jean Casimir, Chris Cyrille-Isaac, Lēnablou, José Lingna Nafafé, Juliana M. Streva
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