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Oceanography - Marine Monitoring, Microbiology, and Materiality

Oceanography - Marine Monitoring, Microbiology, and Materiality

Armen Avanessian, Werner Boschmann und Karen Sarkisov (eds.) with Stefan Helmreich

Sternberg Press, V-A-C Foundation




21.5 x 14.3 x

152 pages

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In recent years, new techniques in molecular biology, gene sequencing, bioinformatics, and remote sensing have transformed scientific understandings of Earth’s oceans, offering new models and maps of their surfaces and depths. At the same time, fresh political, cultural and philosophical approaches to the seas have increasingly turned to detailing how human history and impacts are legible in our world’s waters. This volume features contributions from a range of scholars concerned—scientifically, socially, and ethically—with Earth’s oceans today. Contributions by Penny Chisholm, Robert Danovano, Cindy van Dover, Sabine Höhler, Jessica Lehman, Naomi Oreskes, Helen Rozwadoski, Philip Steinberg The XXI-Century Science series edited by Armen Avanessian, Werner Boschmann, and Karen Sarkisov is a cross section of current research in the natural sciences and humanities focused on the discovery of new disciplines and research topics. Each volume engages with an issue that can be tackled only by combining the methodologies, critical perspectives, and insights developed in emerging areas of knowledge. With contributions from international scholars and thinkers, the series navigates uncharted scientific landscapes and privileges productive exchange, speculative thinking, and theories in the making.  
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