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Organizing for Autonomy - History, Theory, and Strategy for Coll

Organizing for Autonomy - History, Theory, and Strategy for Coll


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228 pages

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Organizing for Autonomy takes on the urgent task of critically clarifying and contextualizing a multitude of possibilities, spaces, and opportunities to resist capitalism, climate catastrophe, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, workers’ exploitation, and a range of other oppressive structures. Delineating the mechanisms of these violent institutions paired with a historical account of revolutionary movements from around the world, and ending with a radical reimagining of contemporary life, CounterPower offers a brazen and determined articulation of a world that centers community, love, and justice.

With unparalleled breadth and synthesizing innumerable sources of revolutionary thought and history into a single vision, Organizing for Autonomy is the result of years of struggle and resistance that acts as both an introduction to revolutionary theory and a practical prompt to the burning questions of how we get free. Bold, fearless, and radically original, Organizing for Autonomy imagines a decolonized, communist, alternative world order that is free from oppressive structures, state violence, and racial capitalism.

CounterPower is a revolutionary organization committed to building the power of working and oppressed people, from below and to the left. Drawing lessons from past and present movements, we offer an analysis, vision, and strategy to build for social revolution in the heart of empire. We organize to dismantle the imperialist world-system: a system based on the fusion of capitalism, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, and the state. This system is killing people and the planet. In its place, we want to build a free society where all people have full control over their lives. Revolutionary movements must build the “counterpower” necessary to overthrow and abolish all forms of oppression. We believe that autonomous organizations, from labor and tenant unions to councils and communes, are necessary to advance the struggle for liberation. With branches throughout the United States, CounterPower has more than a decade of experience helping to build the collective power and autonomy of workers and the oppressed. As comrades, we work together to build and practice revolutionary politics in our grassroots organizing, embodying the values of a free society in the present. We care for one another as we work to transform ourselves and the world around us.

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