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Pablo Diserens - live at kwia - Cassette tape

Pablo Diserens - live at kwia - Cassette tape

Pablo Diserens

forms of minutiae



11 x 7 x 1.7 cm


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Amid winter, on one of the last nights of 2021, a group of people gather in the welcoming womb of a listening bar. Bordered by tiled walls and embraced by a simulated fog, cradled listeners soon forgo outer fluctuations. From a distance, dogs’ barks and bats’ calls reverberate into the space, Pablo Diserens’ concert has begun. What unfolds next is a weaving of biophonic field recordings with hums of blown and stroke glass bottles. The emerging electroacoustic ecoscape oscillates between animal stridulations and Helmholtz resonances. Wavering wind pulses and mirroring clangs intertwine with ultrasonic drones bringing the audience into oneiric realms. Ants, grasshoppers, and crickets infuse the room with vespertine warmth. Windows ooze with condensation. Winter seems far, as if morphed into a balmy summer night. A new landscape materializes, birthed by the set of frequencies at play. Buccal air gently throbs in and out of the glass vessels in glistening gestures. Pablo blows into their empty bottles one last time before handing the stage to a sizzling underwater mixture of rain drops and insectean accents. The recorded fragment stops here, yet, that night, the formed sonic window into this temporary landscape pursued its course. The auditory encounters that followed now only exist in the hazy memories of wintertide listeners. ~ Pablo Diserens (they/she) is a field recordist, musician and artist devoted to non-human realities, attentive listening, and possible forms of interspecies coexistence. In solidarity with a wounded planet, their practice invites people to attune to the present moment in an attempt at rethinking caring strategies and our relationship with the world and its biotic communities. → pablodiserens.studio • credits released July 15, 2022 performed live by pablo diserens for 'weich', a queer ambient event series at kwia (berlin) in december 2021. photograph and design by pablo diserens mastered by mathieu bonnafous duration — 34'22'' tape production by tapedub (berlin) performing photograph by Elisa Cucinelli published by forms of minutiae — fom04 — 2022
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