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Paradox of Plenty

Paradox of Plenty

Hugo de Almeida Pinho




21 x 15 x 1

76 pages

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“Paradox of Plenty” reflects on problematic and conflicting relationships between media technology and nature; and how the plethora of technological devices available today are intrinsically indebted to geology. Within multiple spatial-temporal scales, Hugo de Almeida Pinho’s project approaches narratives of mineral extraction on land, deep in the sea and out in space; and the exhibition of natural history inherited from colonialism, that still influence museological practices. With contributions by Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh, Federica Bueti, Sara Castelo Branco and Margarida Mendes. Each book includes two postcards from a series of eight. 4 different covers!
Hugo de Almeida Pinho combines theoretical research and metaphorical or deliberately ambiguous proposals to explore the inherent qualities and potentialities of images. His work considers the nature of images and their capacity to alter and manipulate reality and perception. Through a complex meditation on the status of images in the contemporary world, it examines concepts such as absence and latency, erasure and revelation, or impermanence and displacement in relation to various cultural, historical and socio-political systems. Using a variety of mediums, his context-specific projects aim to reflect the autonomous, unstable and variable nature of visuality and images as well as the historical construction of vision and the way in which technology mediates and shapes our perception. Sara Castelo Branco
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